Is Intel Iris Xe Graphics Good For Gaming?

Intel Iris Xe Graphics
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Making its debut with the Intel 11th gen processors in 2020, Intel Iris Xe Graphics is an integrated GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). Integrated meaning it exists on the same motherboard or on the same CPU chip. Gone are the days you would avoid computers just because they had an Intel Integrated GPU. Featured Image from 01net.

Intel made a very big upgrade to their integrated GPUs with the release of Iris Xe Graphics. The development of this integrated GPU was led by Raja Koduri who was an executive in the AMD Radeon team. He has also worked with graphics hardware for Apple Inc. At the time of publishing this article, Raja Koduri is set to leave Intel’s Architecture, Graphics and Software division to work on his own generative AI startup. Raja Koduri’s work can also be seen in Intel’s Arc series. You can see some of the features of the Arc series here.

So, back to the question in the title. Iris Xe Graphics good for gaming? Yes-ish

The Iris Xe Graphics features up to 1080p 60FPS which is a massive improvement from previous Intel UHD integrated graphics. Of course a comparison between this GPU and other dedicated GPUs (Nvidia graphics cards or Intel’s Arc series) is unfair. But this integrated GPU is capable of playing older AAA titles and newer ones too. The only problem with newer AAA games would be playing some at the lowest settings or getting low FPS with the more graphics intense titles. I never thought it could be possible to play GTA V with decent graphics on an Intel Integrated graphics GPU but now it is possible. You can expect to play games like Rocket League, Valorant and CS:GO at 90+ FPS.

You can have a look at some games being played with an Intel core i5 11th gen processor + Intel Iris Xe Graphics for your reference:

Video from @PCSupportGamingTest on YouTube

A benefit of this integrated graphics is that computers with this GPU are small. This means that if you’re going on vacation or travelling, gaming doesn’t have to stop if you have a laptop with this GPU.

Should you buy a laptop with Intel Iris Xe?

Well, if you’re looking for something light weight which you can travel with easily that’s good for playing games, most definitely. If you’re on a tight budget, most definitely. Laptops with this integrated GPU are very much capable of entry level gaming. Intel did a really good job with this integrated GPU.

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