Delightful Adventure, Compelling Story, Scratch Some Rugs In Stray (2022)

Stray Video Game
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Yes, you can actually scratch some rugs and drop things from where they’re placed like empty paint cans. Before I played the game, I never knew that it had a story. Just thought it would be a game where you get to control a cat which is awesome. The joy of being a cat on a mission. The curiosity, always landing on your feet, exploring new heights, the nine lives… (ok, maybe I exaggerated the 9 lives but you do get a trophy for dying 9 times on the PlayStation version, not sure about the PC version). You can even take a catnap for hours and get a trophy for it (sleeping more than 1 hour in real-time) in Stray.

Stray main menu
The game’s main menu

The game, gameplay & story

Annapurna Interactive have done a great job with this cat game that’s set in a cyberpunk world. Expertly crafted, Stray is a well rounded game that offers an adventure like no other from an unusual point of view. Whenever we play games set in cyberpunk worlds, there’s the usual neon lighting everywhere and always shooting or fighting some bad guys. Not in Stray. We get to explore the world with great visuals and enviroments as a curious ginger cat.

We play as a cat which gets separated from its cat family after it falls into a walled city populated by robots. You befriend a flying drone called B-12 and you both explore the city and try to get to the “Outside”. Acrobatically leaping across gaps, rooftop to rooftop, ledge to ledge.

Parkour meme

All this while you avoid the Zurks. Nasty little creatures that eat anything and everything. They are experimental bacterial that evolved. Aside from this, you get to do a lot of cat stuff. For example, rubbing against the robots legs just like a cat does to humans sometimes or pushing stuff off shelves. Also the urge to scratch any rugs in sight. This is a game you should play with your cat around.

Stray game
Rubbing up against a robot’s legs in Stray
Stray gameplay
Stray gameplay
Zurk ‘cacoons’ (not really sure if they are cacoons) on the walls in Stray

A purr-fect indie game with a well told story and very satisfying gameplay. Get yourself a PlayStation physical copy here. Though you can get a digital copy for free if you have PS Plus Extra or Premium.

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