Vehicle Warehouse
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Vehicle warehouses are one of the CEO Businesses available for purchase in GTA Online They allow you to source, modify and resell vehicles and thus earn money in the process. They are lucrative and are one of the best businesses to own in GTA Online

In this article, you will learn how to start a Vehicle Warehouse business in GTA Online and some tips on how to reap the most benefits from the Warehouse.


Before you decide on buying a vehicle warehouse business in GTA Online, You first need to purchase a CEO Office. You can purchase one on the Dynasty8 Executive Site on your in-game phone.

Ceo offices

I personally have the one in the Arcadius Business Park Office located in the middle of the City but you can purchase the cheapest office(Maze Bank West). The Office allows you to buy a Vehicle Warehouse and also start source missions for vehicles.

Arcadius Business Park

To Purchase a Vehicle Warehouse you can go to the computer in your Office

Vehicle Warehouses

Which Vehicle Warehouse should you Purchase?

There are multiple Vehicle Warehouses to consider when you want to purchase a Vehicle Warehouse.

  • El Burro Heights – GTA $1,635,000
  • Murrieta Heights – GTA $2,850,000
  • La Mesa – GTA $1,635,000
  • Cypress Flats – GTA $2,675,000
  • Elysian Island – GTA $1,950,000
  • Davis – GTA $2,495,000
  • LSIA – GTA $2,300,000
  • La Puerta – GTA $2,735,000
  • LSIA Vehicle Warehouse(the second one) – GTA $2,170,000

La Mesa is the cheapest of them all while Murietta Heights is the most expensive.

I personally own the La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse(the cheapest) as I don’t see the need to own the most expensive Vehicle warehouse in GTA Online.

The only drawback with this warehouse is that it is located in a Gang infested area meaning that if you offend them(either by knocking one of them down or shooting at them) then they will surely damage your sourced vehicle.

As long as you don’t offend the La Mesa Gang at any point in time, you should be fine.

Tips on how to make money using Vehicle Warehouse?

Vehicle Warehouses can be a good way to earn money in GTA Online. There are three steps you need to follow:

  • Source Vehicles
  • Modify the Vehicles
  • Export the Vehicles

Source Vehicles

This first step is to source vehicles. This can be done on your office computer. You can log in to your computer and click on Source Vehicle. You be entered into a mission to go and collect or steal a vehicle and deliver it to your Vehicle Warehouse.

Vehicle Warehouse:Source Mission

Once the car has been delivered, you will be charged the repair cost and then the vehicle will be stored in your warehouse.

Source Mission

There are three types of vehicles you can source.

  • Top Range(10)
  • Mid Range(10)
  • Standard Range(12)
Vehicle Ranges

The value of the vehicle is determined by its type and this can help determine the amount of commission you will earn.

Deliver Vehicle

The vehicles sourced are random and there is no way to know which vehicle type you will get.

However, there is a feature we can exploit and make sure that we always source Top Range Vehicles.

It involves sourcing all the Mid and Standard Range Vehicles and storing them in your warehouse and not selling them. As soon as you have sourced and stored all the Standard and Mid-range vehicles, the game will always spawn Top Range vehicles since you can’t have duplicate vehicles in your warehouse.

This way, you are guaranteed Top Range Vehicles each time you source a vehicle.

Modify the Vehicles

When you want to export the vehicle, you will first need to modify the vehicle as per the customer’s specifications. This job will cost GTA $20,000.

Modify Vehicle

Export the Vehicles

When you are done with the modifications, you then need to deliver the vehicle to the destination. You will be entered into a mission in which you will have to deliver the vehicle.

Export Vehicle

Exporting to the Specialist Dealer will earn you the most amount and will also cost you the most to modify. However, it is the best return on investment of the three Available Buyers

Vehicle Warehouse:Export Vehicle

The vehicle should be delivered without any damage otherwise your commission will decrease. If you deliver a non-vehicle, you will earn GTA $100,000. Depending on the nature of the damage to the vehicle, your commission will vary.

Vehicle Warehouse: Deliver Vehicle

In my case, I accrued some damage on the way and as a result, my commission was reduced.

This means you will net commission less modification amount after the mission.i.e $100,000-20,0000 which is GTA $ 80,000 per vehicle you deliver. This is not the case for all vehicles as it depends on the range of the vehicle I discussed above.

In the event, enemies spawn when you are exporting or delivering the vehicle to your warehouse, always park your vehicle on the side and try and eliminate them first before delivering the vehicle. This will decrease the damage caused to your vehicle.

They usually spawn in 3-5 waves meaning that you will have them spawn 3 to 5 times and after that, you will be in the clear to deliver your vehicle.

What else can be stored in a Vehicle Warehouse?

Besides storing Vehicles for sale, the Warehouse can be used to store some of the Weaponized vehicles such as the Phantom Wedge, Ramp Buggy and all other vehicles that were part of the Import/Export Update. Their garage is located in the basement of the Warehouse.

If you plan on owning any of these vehicles, then you will need a Vehicle Warehouse to store them.

Vehicle Warehouse:Basement Garage


This article covered, how to start a Vehicle warehouse Business in GTA online and some of the prerequisites for a vehicle warehouse.

Key takeaways are that you should get the cheapest office in the game(Maze bank West) and get the cheapest Vehicle Warehouse). With these two, you will be able to build your vehicle warehouse Empire and add another source of income to your GTA Account. I hope this article, did shed some light on the Vehicle Warehouse Business.

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Thank you for reading.

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