Is An Auto Shop Worth Purchasing in GTA Online?

GTA online auto shop
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Having been introduced in the Los Santos Tuners update, players are able to have their own Auto Shop in GTA Online. If you’re a car enthusiast, you’ll love the Auto Shop. You’ll be able to customize some hot rides from this property. Not forgetting it’s side missions, which I consider them to be mini heists. You’ll be taking these side missions (contract jobs) from Sessanta and KDJ. Let’s see what the Auto Shop is all about.

Auto Shop Locations & Cost

Just like the hangars, there’s a total of 5 Auto Shops in GTA Online purchasable from Maze Bank Foreclosures :

  • La Mesa Auto Shop – $1,920,000
  • Burton Auto Shop – $1,830,000
  • Rancho Auto Shop – $1,750,000
  • Strawberry Auto Shop – $1,705,000
  • Mission Row Auto Shop – $1,670,000
GTA online auto shop locations
Auto Shop locations

Contract Jobs

These jobs are good if you’re looking for something other than heists while playing GTA Online. Inside the Auto Shop office, players will find a white board which highlights 3 jobs at a time. These are the jobs available to start at that moment. I call these jobs mini heists because the jobs feature a preparation stage before you go for the actual final mission.

The fun part is that you get to use your souped-up rides. Though only the vehicles that came with the update. Don’t worry if you haven’t bought a ride from the Tuners update, you can use Sessanta’s Tailgater S.

GTA online auto shop, Contract jobs
Contracts board found inside the Auto Shop

Exotic Exports List

Also found in the Auto Shop office is a board with a list of 10 exotic vehicles which are found at random locations in Los Santos. You’re supposed to steal the rides and have them delivered to the port where your are paid some money. You get paid a large payout when all 10 cars are delivered at the port. You’ll notice blue dots on the map when you’re around Los Santos in freemode. These blue dots are the exotic rides you’re supposed to deliver at the port for rewards.

Exotic Exports list
Exotic Exports List

Mod Shop and the garage

Another good thing about the GTA Online Auto shop is that it comes with a mod shop where you can tune your personal vehicles and a 10-car garage. Your friends can also modify their vehicles in your Auto Shop. There are no discounts if you mod your vehicle in your friends Auto Shop. Though if your are a member of the Auto Shop owner’s MC or Organization you can get free repairs for damaged vehicles.

Auto shop garage
GTA online auto shop, Sessanta
Sessanta in the Auto Shop
Arcade games in Auto Shop
Arcade games in the auto shop
staff and car lift
Auto Shop staff
staff and car lift
Auto Shop Staff

Summary of Auto Shops in GTA Online

Auto Shops are an interesting property to have especially if you are a car enthusiast. Moreover, there’s lots of cosmetic customizations for you to splash on your Auto Shop but I recommend doing this only if you have enough money from your other MC or CEO businesses.

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